Exclusive to JMC Classics and Restorations

JMC Classics and Restorations is the only official UK builder of these new Vincent engine specials.  We are extremely proud to be able to take over from the original master, Roger Slater. 

Continuing on from Roger Slater's development, the new JMC Egli-Vincent is available in both 1000cc and 1200cc versions with a new limited edition model being launched in the future.

A full specification for the JMC Egli-Vincent is available to view and download as a PDF from our JMC Egli-Vincent specification page.

With over three decades of design and development experience, JMC Classics & Restorations is proud to exclusively present the JMC Egli-Vincent motorcycle.

This built-to-order classic new build can be yours - from the classic motorcycle business that fully understands the technical complexities of these modernised classics.

Our Engines

Find out about the exciting options and specifications available for your engine by visiting our engine page.  There's are three choices with a wealth of options for the Shadow (1000cc), Lightning (1200cc) and Nero (1200cc Race).

Need More Information?

If you have any questions, wish to discuss your JMC Egli-Vincent requirements, please contact us and we'll be delighted to help.  If you'd like a brochure, please email your request (including address details) and we'll be pleased to send you a copy.

JMC Egli-Vincent Gallery

Visit our new JMC Egli-Vincent photo-gallery to fully appreciate the style and engineering of these beautiful new-build classic motorcycles.

A Specialist Service for a Specialist Build

As the UK's sole Agent for Egli-Vincent and Norvin, JMC Classics and Restorations can offer customers an unparalleled specialist service. With staff experience spanning three decades for the building of motorbikes with Vincent engines, we have ensured that this experience is supported by leading manufacturers in our provision of your unique and exceptional quality new build classic.


New Gallery

View our Egli Vincent Gallery to fully appreciate the style and engineering of the JMC Egli-Vincent classic new build.

A Special Engine

Visit our Engine page for details on the choice of Shadow (1000cc), Lightning (1200cc) and Nero (1200cc Race) engines.


If you wish to find out more, to request a brochure or to discuss your JMC Egli-Vincent requirements please contact us.