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Motorbike Restoration Services and Classic New Builds are the Core of our Business

JMC Classics and Restorations offers extensive expertise in motorbike restoration services and the creation of classic new build motorcycles.  Formed in 2008, focusing its business goals on providing an unparalleled service for motorbike restoration and the creation of specialist new builds including the JMC Egli-Vincent, JMC Norvin, JMC Norvin Lightning and bespoke Cafe Racers.

A decade later and the worldwide list of happy customers is testament to the dedication and commitment the team has made in maintaining these original goals.

Dedicated Team

JMC Egli-Vincent Motorcycle - Red - New build example

JMC Classics and Restorations offers over 40 years of experience in the industry, incorporating the extensive skills of the renowned John Mossey and his team.  This combination of expertise provides significant security for the business's continued future success.

The company is focused on providing a reliable and high quality service whilst putting value on a truly personalised service for its customers.

Leading the way in motorbike restoration and new build projects, the award-winning JMC Classics and Restorations is committed to meeting only the highest of standards.  It works relentlessly for its customers, constantly demonstrating a level of dedication and attention to detail rarely found in the classic motorcycle industry. 

It is this unquestionable dedication which separates JMC Classics and Restorations from the rest, providing you with the reassurance that your motorbike restoration or classic new build projects are in safe, experienced hands from the moment they commence.

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