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JMC Classics and Restorations was formed in 2008 and, with the expertise and enviable experience of John Mossey as chief engineer, the business has been providing an unparalleled service for motorcycle restoration and specialist new builds ever since.


Expertise and Experience

The company is focused on providing an exceptional level of service whilst offering a truly personalised experience for its customers.

Leading the way in motorcycle restoration and classic new build projects, the award-winning JMC Classics and Restorations is committed to meeting only the highest of standards.  It works relentlessly for its customers, constantly demonstrating a level of dedication and attention to detail rarely found in the classic motorcycle industry. 

A Passion for Motorcycles


Full or Partial Restoration Services

JMC Classics and Restorations can offer full or partial restoration services to complete your project.

Perhaps you have started restoring a motorcycle yourself and need some expert assistance to finish off the project, or maybe you have the raw beginnings of motorcycle which can be brought back to its true beauty.  We're here to help, supported by our comprehensive range of restoration experience, including Japanese multi-cylinder engines, chrome and paintwork restoration options.

We also offer options to include our superior quality engines - the JMC 1000cc Shadow and the JMC 1200cc Lightning engines, making the perfect choice for your classic restoration project.

JMC Restoration - Red Moto Guzzi


New Build Classics

With over three decades of design and development behind it, JMC Classics and Restorations is proud to be able to present to you the JMC Egli-Vincent, JMC Norvin, JMC Norvin Lightning motorcycles, and most recently a limited edition batch of the Triumph Rob North Trident T150 (both standard and Daytona specifications).

These classic motorcycle new builds, with the benefit of John Mossey's renowned design and production experience, can now be yours from the business that fully understands the technical complexities of these modernised classics.

Vincent Engines

Manufactured to unquestionably high specifications, the Shadow 1000cc and Lightning 1200cc engines are the power and grace which support our JMC Egli-Vincent, JMC Norvin and JMC Norvin Lightning motorcycles.


These engines are also available for your own restoration projects, enabling you to have the modern quality your classic motorcycle deserves.

Full specifications detailed on our Engines page.

Vincent Engine-trans


Cafe Racers

Offering expertise and an enviable international reputation, JMC Classics and Restorations is proud to be regarded as one of the world's leading experts in Cafe Racer bespoke builds.

Incorporating unquestionably high specifications into each project, the Cafe Racers from JMC Classics and Restorations offer exceptional style, quality and performance. 

"Our Cafe Racer motorcycles are crafted rather than manufactured - we dedicate our care, attention to detail and extensive expertise to every commission"

Bikes for Sale

Our sales catalogue regularly includes examples of our classic new build JMC Egli-Vincent and JMC Norvin, as well as third party motorcycles.

We work with clients, providing a matching service for those wishing to sell their motorbike or those seeking a particular model, so if there is a classic bike for which you are particularly searching, please let us know your requirements and we may be able to source and even restore your dream motorcycle for you.

Red Egli Vincent - cut-out

Our Services

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Looking to buy? Could we help in sourcing that special classic motorcycle to meet your needs?

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In the Press

John Mossey and JMC Classics and Restorations have been featured in a variety of specialist press over the years.
We have compiled some of the articles here for you to enjoy.